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The Multibase DDA Auditing Database system is designed to electronically record and control DDA Auditing details and photographs.

This database system is equally suitable for both individual building owners that want to produce a DDA Audit and professional DDA Auditors alike.

The database can be adapted to suit the needs of the individual, this can include the ability to display company details and logo’s on the printed reports. Modified versions of the database are available such as read only versions allowing the user to view and print reports but not change the data within the database, this read only version is available at a greatly reduced cost.

A portable data collection version is available for tablet PC’s, the full audit can be imported directly into the main database system.

This database not only records the DDA Audit details, it also produces high quality reports with photographs. The individual reports (Photo Report, Notes, Recommendations, Caveats Etc) can be selected or de-selected as required.

Most DDA Audits are compiled using a word processor such as Microsoft Word or an Excel Spread Sheet. The table below shows some of the advantages of switching to the Multibase DDA Audit Database System
Description Database Advantages Over Microsoft Word Template System or Excel Spread Sheet
Produce high quality audit reports The final printed (or PDF) audit consists of several individual reports printed together with header pages and a table of contents. These individual reports (Photo, Management Plan, Objectives, Caveats, list by Floor, list by Room etc) can be selected in any order then sent to the printer. A duplicate copy of the entire audit can be printed at the click of a button with the option of Full Page per none compliant item or 3 items per page.
Fast consistent Data Entry Most items such as the Element, Defect, Room, etc can be selected from drop-down lists, this speeds-up data entry and enhances data consistancy. When entering several similar records the boxes only need to be selected once, then the Auto Copy feature makes a duplicate entry which can then be edited, this saves both time and money.
Personalised reports Each report will show your company name and address details along with your logo if required.
Financial details The estimated cost of correcting none compliant items can be entered. Reports show the individual items or grouped items. i.e. a complete cost for a Floor can be printed.
Data Filtering Suppose you intend to have a re-fit on the 2nd floor of building 3 and want to see a list of all the items in this area that have been marked as a high priority problem. The data can be filtered to match this criteria then printed if required.
Historic records On completion of the audit new entries can be added when items are repaired or replaced. Reports can be generated to show the full history of all the changes made to comply with the DDA requirements. Dates can be set for re inspection.
Low cost copy of database for end user / client After the surveyor has completed the audit, the end user (the auditors client) can import the data and photographs into their own copy of the database. Then new records can be added in the future when non compliant items are rectified, keeping the audit up to date.
Client contact details Keep client records along with details of contacts and telephone conversations.
Import Complete audits can be imported from any copy of the database allowing data transfers between multiple offices and clients.
Export Audit details can be exported into an Excel Spread sheet or text file. This can be useful if you wish to transport this data into another system.
Mobile data collection On site data entry via laptop or tablet PC, can be imported into the main office database system.
Networking The database can be shared over a network with multiple users entering data simultaneously.
Efficient Database storage format Uses less drive space which eases network traffic and allows faster data processing and printing.
Backup Entire system resides in a single folder simplifying the backup procedure.
The Multibase DDA Auditing Database system is designed to electronically record DDA Audit details and photographs in order to comply with all aspects of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. Comprehensive reports can be printed and electronic versions of these reports can be distributed via e-mail or over the internet. Full historic information concerning each element can be stored within the database along with the current assessment details
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