Due to our ever-expanding client base we are finding we are spending more time answering general enquiries and requests for technical assistance are ever increasing, so we have decided to introduce a Technical Support agreement.

Most problems can be resolved over the phone given enough time. The most
common situation is that a new computer or network has been installed
requiring the complete set-up of the system and adjustments to the
picture paths. This kind of situation can take a very long time on the
phone to resolve and will only be available to clients that subscribe to
the technical support agreement.

We use Netviewer one2one remote helpdesk to connect to your computer securely. You will be asked to input a session number which is a random number for each session. You will have to agree to any down load or upload from your system and can monitor all work by the consultant.

All customers are signed up to this agreement will receive the following:

1. Continued help and advice by phone, fax , e-mail and remote connection. You can contact us as often as you like and we will spend as much time as required helping you to resolve any Multibase system problems.

2. Priority status. You will receive priority over clients that do not
subscribe including which telephone calls are returned first and the
order in which visit appointments are made.

3.Where version compatibility is possible you can upgrade your existing database to a latest version without cost, if compatibility prevents this you can start a new copy of the latest version without cost.

4 If you have more that one Multibase system, perhaps our Asbestos
Survey and DDA database, the technical support agreement can cover all
the Multibase databases that you have.

We hope that you will understand that we had to introduce this scheme
in order to cover the cost of providing the expected level of technical